Delightfully Visceral generates designs to reflect a life lived, where love is indulged, fear is foreign, and triumph is a way of being. We seek to spread a message of pleasure and excellence, to lead by example and free all the good people of this world from lives of preplanned stagnation. We cater to those men & women who are passionate about bold authorship of their own realities.

Del-Vis is for the artist. For the entrepreneur. For the engineer. For the craftsman. For the entertainer. For the fearless one-of-a-kind superhero soul inside you. Let us help you get it out.

We make everything from T-shirts to wall clocks, mugs to belt buckles, leggings to dartboards. When you use our products, you don't benefit alone: you become a beacon to the world, a proud victorious light whose presence is constantly craved.


New! Americana Quintessence Series Launch

The Americana Quintessence series focuses on bold, iconic patterns. They are novel yet reflect a universal familiarity, a red thread that bind all American experiences together, and - on account of our unrivaled talent for exporting our culture - world experiences at large.

Check back throughout the year as we release more designs in what's sure to become a flagship series at Del-Vis.

Red pattern with wavy golden trails

Fries N Shake

Everyone's going to want a side of fries when they see you shakin' down the boulevard in the Americana Quintessence line's debut design. The vivid sanguine red sliced by a crispy undulating arch of gold is guaranteed to turn heads whether you choose a dress, a bold graphic tee, or even a duvet cover.

Modern geometric pattern in rich red, subdued desaturated green, and black on a light creamy background

Strike It Rich!

Showcase your boldness. You don't sit on the sidelines and dream, you swim in the center of the action - heck, you are the action. You don't walk in the path of others, you cut your own trail while people stand in awe of your calm comfort as you bend the hectic modern world to your pleasures. Some try to win the game. You are the game.

Americana Quintessence's unique big style carries with it an aura of fearlessness. These designs especially pop on dresses, leggings, scarves, and mini skirts, and they're also available on graphic T-shirts, full-print contrast tank tops, laptop computer skins & cases, zippered studio pouches, and for our favourite room - the bed room - you can get twin, queen, and king duvet covers too.
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3D Glasses Boxers

Black boxer shorts with a picture of red/blue 3D movie glasses and the phrase Please Put on 3-D Glasses Now

Warn your eager audiences that they need to prepare themselves lest they miss the spectacular show. I hear the effects are incredible, they really come right at you!


Room 237

Red pattern with wavy golden trails

It's one of the most classic, powerful, and instantly-identifiable patterns in the history of visual art. With this pattern on, you'll find friends you didn't even know you had.

As a bonus, we've crafted our own version of the famous pattern in our own brand of electric colours. We feel it's one of Del-Vis' finest statements: harkening to the excellence of past creation while nodding to novel generation.

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